Aamir Khan's Backtracking On #MeToo Will Drag The Rest Of Bollywood With Him
Huffingtonpost.in - Wed 11 Sep 10:16 GMT

Last year, Khan said he'd be stepping away from a movie because the director was accused of sexual harassment. Now, he says he "feels differently".

  This is a volte face from the star’s stand last year, when he chose to opt out of the project Kapoor was accused of sexual harassment – charges that resurfaced at the height of the #MeToo movement in India.

  When Tyagi’s case drew renewed interest during the #MeToo movement last October, Khan released a statement about why he was stepping away from Mogul, saying that “we believe that this is an opportunity for the film industry to introspect and take concrete steps towards change.

  On Khan’s comments about Kapoor losing out on work, Tyagi reiterated that since the time she filed the complaint, there’s hardly been any offers that have come her way, barring a web series.

  In a detailed interview with HuffPost India in October last year, Tyagi spoke of the trauma that derailed her life.

  The year since the #MeToo movement unleashed hundreds of tales of assault and abuse has shown how Bollywood continues to privilege the careers of men over the trauma and pain of women.

  Last year, after HuffPost India published a detailed account of sexual harassment allegations against director Vikas Bahl, Hrithik Roshan, star of Bahl’s then unreleased film Super 30, said that he would be distancing himself from the disgraced director.

  After Bahl sued his former business partners HuffPost India for defamation, the survivor, in a statement to the Bombay High Court said, “Why I have not made a police complaint is plain to see, if one considers how formal processes have failed to achieve any measure of accountability and lead only to the further victimisation of sexual assault survivors.”