Breaking Bad Movie SongChloe x Halle Enchanted Hints at the El Camino Plot - Tue 10 Sep 16:16 GMT

Here's another clue at what to expect from the upcoming Netflix project.

  In the 11th episode of Breaking Bad Season Two, Jesse Pinkman tries heroin for the first time with his then-girlfriend Jane.

  It's a pivotal moment in Jesse's life—one that later leads to Jane's death by overdose and his own downward spiral.

  In the scene, when Jesse shoots up for the first time with Jane, the song "Enchanted" by The Platters plays as he sinks into a heroin-induced daze.

  It's a chilling cover of "Enchanted" performed by Chloe X Halle accompanied by a montage of Jesse's entire story arch from Breaking Bad .

  We know that Jesse was haunted by Jane's death throughout his Breaking Bad tragedy.

  What Jesse is referring to here is Jane's death.

  And that, combined with the musical reference of "Enchanted" must mean that Jane's death will loom large over what's happens to Jesse in El Camino .