Downton Abbey Movie Review - Tue 10 Sep 18:07 GMT

The movie is basically a bigger, grander episode of the TV show. In a good way.

  If you were a regular Downton Abbey viewer, you’ll likely feel satisfied by this motion picture experience, which brings back nearly all of the show’s key characters, bumps up the production value a few notches for the big screen, and structures its one-off story around a special visit from King George V (Simon Jones) and Queen Mary (Geraldine James).

  If you weren’t a regular Downton Abbey viewer, honestly, I can’t imagine you’re going to go see this movie.

  Of course when Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) perceives that Thomas may be slightly jittery about the high-stakes royal social call, she goes to see Carson and pulls him out of retirement to temporarily take over butler duties.

  But there’s more, and by more, I mean all of the things you’ve been conditioned to expect from Downton Abbey: close-ups of wine being poured through cloths; Carson saying things like, “There must be no tomfoolery” and “This is most inappropriate”; concerns (still!)

  Because the cast is so large and there is a fair amount of story to cover, Downton Abbey bounces around quite quickly from moment to moment, giving some characters shorter shrift than others (sorry, fans of Mr. Bates) and dropping some pretty major plotlines, including an assassination attempt, rather swiftly to move on to other things.

  Downton Abbey, the series, has only been gone for a little more than three years.