Downton Abbey Movie Wedding Engagement Spoiler - Tue 10 Sep 18:14 GMT

One of the stars of the forthcoming film just teased an engagement for one of the characters!

  If you have yet to see the Downton Abbey film and would like all the of the storylines to be a surprise, proceed with caution, spoilers ahead!

  Season six of Downton Abbey gave a happy ending to nearly every member of the show's ensemble cast.

  But the wedding bells might still be ringing at Downton Abbey.

  According to actress Sophie McShea, her character Daisy is engaged to Andy the footman in the upcoming film.

  "The film starts a year and a half after the series finished, and she’s sort of engaged to Andy.

  We're keeping our fingers crossed for another signature Downton Abbey wedding!

  The Downton Abby film hits theaters in the U.S. on September 20, but tickets are already available for pre-sale.