From moving seats to fog, Cineplex brings 4D experience to Chinook moviegoers - Tue 13 Aug 06:41 GMT

The snow begins to fall as a gust of wind blows by. It’s the dead of winter in Calgary and chilly conditions have arrived.No, you’re not outside, where you’d be shivering inside y…

  The snow begins to fall as a gust of wind blows by.

  As of Monday, the Chinook Centre Cineplex is home to Calgary’s first 4DX auditorium, only the second to launch in Canada.

  The 4DX technology, developed by Seoul-based cinema company CJ 4DPLEX, combines the standard film-watching concept with dozens of special effects that the audience feels around them throughout a movie.

  From motion-synchronized seats that vibrate like a massage chair, to weather effect simulations made possible by fans mounted in auditorium walls, the experience of the film happens all around the theatre.

  Whetham said the new option, which launched Monday with a screening of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, gives guests “different choices,” at the Chinook theatre.

  The launch comes nearly three years after Cineplex and CJ 4DPLEX opened Canada’s first 4DX auditorium in Toronto.

  Launched in 2009, CJ 4DPLEX has brought the 4DX format to 660 screens across the world, spread throughout 65 countries.