'Good Boys' Review: Sleepover Parties Will Never Be the Same
Screencrush.com - Tue 13 Aug 17:08 GMT

The new Gold Standard for Sleepover Party Movies is here.

  As long as kids watch movies at sleepover parties, Good Boys will endure.

  If that combination of actor and subject sounds good to you, you’re just the right immaturity level for Good Boys.

  Max, Thor, and Lucas are on a desperate quest to get to this kissing party, but everyone in the audience knows the real thing at stake is their fragile childhood friendship that we, as grown-ups, don’t want to see trampled by the adult world.

  There are drugs in the movie — but Max and his buddies (Lucas especially, who has an almost compulsive need to tell the truth, even when it will land him trouble) hate drugs, and could not make it clearer that drugs are bad.

  Max, Thor, and Lucas really are good boys.

  Good Boys has a lot of fun with the fumbling way Max, Thor, and Lucas confront the world of adults — but there’s a sadness to their journey as well.

  -A lot of things made me laugh very hard in Good Boys, but the thing that maybe made me laugh the hardest was the fact that the obnoxious bully at Max’s school is named Atticus.