Hobbs & Shaw is joyously stupid about science and technology
The Verge - Mon 12 Aug 20:26 GMT

Our science and tech writers weigh in on the silliest plot points and the big, dumb fun of the latest Fast & Furious movie, which sees Idris Elba, Jason Statham, and Dwayne Johnson insulting each other a lot, and insulting physics and common sense even more.

  Last week, The Verge’s editorial staff gathered in New York for an annual summit, and we roundly agreed that the only acceptable after-hours staff outing was a trip to see the new Fast Furious movie spinoff Hobbs Shaw.

  Photo: Universal Pictures So here’s a question for the Verge staff in attendance: We all collectively got a lot of laughs out of Hobbs Shaw’s meatheaded yelling about the Dark Web, computer hacking, and secret Estonian bioware dark sites.

  Tasha Robinson, film TV editor: For me, nothing in this film even comes close to being as funny as the line where a flunky casually tells villain Idris Elba that he’s “hacked the mainframe of every major journalistic outfit” and fed them all a false story demonizing grumpy anti-heroes Hobbs and Shaw.

  I just wish the gag had a payoff — the “on the run” plot goes nowhere and is never resolved, not even with a line about how Hobbs and Shaw counter-hacked all those mainframes to get journalists to rescind the false story.

  Photo: Universal Pictures Liz Lopatto, deputy editor: The unstoppable super-bioweapon that was going to wipe out the entire world was a point of knee-slapping hilarity for me.

  Photo: Universal Pictures Sean O’Kane, senior transportation reporter: [Tightens motorcycle gloves.]

  But as Liz pointed out to me after the movie, it’s possible (though never fully explained) that the motorcycle is more like an extension of Elba’s cyborg character, which is even further out into the future, but exponentially cooler.