How Roselyn Keo's Life Inspired the Hustlers Movie - Tue 10 Sep 14:46 GMT

From stripper pole to tent pole.

  Keo’s brain is an archive of all sorts of knowledge, which served her well in her former life: she knows credit cards inside and out — by color, by credit limit, maybe even by weight.

  In 2014, Keo was convicted of drugging Wall Street guys, luring them into strip clubs, and swiping their credit cards with abandon.

  Even now that she is a stay-at-home mom and lives out here in the suburbs, Keo hasn’t gone soft: She immediately clocked a pair of women trying to eavesdrop on our conversation.

  One of Keo’s talents was what she calls the “sweet hustle”: “If you have the gift of gab, if you play your cards right and you make somebody fall in love with you, they don’t just want your body.

  When they were at Scores, Keo and Samantha Foxx (who inspired the character of Ramona) thought they were like Kobe and Shaq.

  This morning at SoJo, Keo is wearing black leggings and a black tank top; the only callback to her days at the club is her beige Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag.

  At the end of the day, when you have working moms, we don’t have time for the b.s. We’re just all about school, work, and children.”