Joker Review: The Best Comic Book Movie Since 'The Dark Knight' - Wed 11 Sep 07:34 GMT

There’s a very pertinent question that people have been asking for centuries: is there a line, if any, that art shouldn’t cross? The obvious answer is, yes, art shouldn’t purposefully instigate violence or abuse. The key word here is “purposefully”. You can a…

  There is some merit in that argument, especially since unlike Christopher Nolan who draws a clear line between the good and the evil in his Dark Knight films, Todd Phillips leaves that line blurry.

  If you come into ‘Joker’ with the same set of expectations that you carry with other comic book films, then you must brace yourself for a massive surprise.

  In so many ways, ‘Joker’ is actually an anti-comic book film.

  ‘Joker’ is as much Joaquin Phoenix’s film as it is Todd Phillips’.

  Phoenix’s Joker is extremely complex and because the film is an origin story, there’s so much more to delve into and explore for an actor.

  There’s a high likelihood that people who are way too much into superhero films will find the proceedings in Joker too slow or boring.

  There’s so much to like in the film apart from Phoenix’s performance: the soaring background score, the blue-tinted cinematography, the 70s art direction.