Kevin Hart In Serious Pain With 'Months' Of Recovery Ahead, Leaving Movie Projects Hanging - Tue 10 Sep 19:02 GMT

Kevin Hart is still recovering from a car accident that forced him into surgery.

  Kevin Hart In Serious Pain With 'Months' Of Recovery Ahead, Leaving Movie Projects Hanging From credit card commercials to roles in big franchise movies like Jumanji: The Next Level, Kevin Hart’s a busy actor.

  Although his work on those two projects is in the can, Kevin Hart has other movies in the works.

  TMZ reports the most pressing of these is a movie called My Own Worst Enemy, which was announced way back in January of 2018 and was finally in pre-production, with Kevin Hart set to both produce and act in the project.

  The movie would give Kevin Hart a chance to work with Ride Along director Tim Story once again, but now reports are saying Kevin Hart will likely spend the next several months dealing with rehab after his car accident, which leaves My Own Worst Enemy in limbo, or potentially even forcing the movie to find another actor.

  Kevin Hart has other projects in the works, but none have gotten so far along in the process as My Own Worst Enemy.

  It’s really good news that Kevin Hart’s latest projects have wrapped, although whether or not he’ll be in tip top shape to do press and appearances for those upcoming movies remains in question.

  You can next catch Kevin Hart in Jumanji: The Next Level, out in theaters starting on December 13.