The Halloween Horror Maze That Can Kill You in 'Haunt' - Tue 10 Sep 15:28 GMT

The creators of the horror movie 'Haunt' discuss how they turned the Halloween horror maze traditions into death and murder in their new film.

  The new horror film Haunt beats them to the punch this Friday and if it does its job, it might scare you out of attending any real life haunted house this Halloween.

  In Haunt, from A Quiet Place writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods , this haunted house is really trying to kill you.

  Woods and Beck spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet on Friday about their newest horror movie.

  Since the Halloween attraction in Haunt is up to no good, they also confiscate their victims’ cell phones.

  If you ever attend a Halloween haunt where they take your cell phone, maybe visit a different one.

  “In the day and age we live in, it’s getting harder and harder to write a horror film because 99 out of 100 horror movies could begin and end with somebody taking out a cell phone and calling the police,” Woods said.

  The haunted house took their cell phones, but once people start dying for real, of course the first thought is to find the cell phones.