‘The Hunt’ Must Be Released: Why Universal Was Wrong to Cancel the Movie After Backlash
Indiewire.com - Tue 13 Aug 20:16 GMT

IndieWire's critics discuss the decision to pull the release of the film in response to right-wing backlash.

  Over the weekend, Universal announced that it would be canceling the release of “The Hunt,” an upcoming thriller produced by Blumhouse, due to a storyline involving shooters that was deemed inappropriate following mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, in which at least 31 people were killed.

  But it kind of worked: Universal has canceled plans to release “The Hunt,” a movie about wealthy one-percenters who pay big bucks to hunt a dozen people dropped into a clearing.

  After all, maybe this is not the best time for a movie about lunatics with guns, killing innocent people, when the trauma of very real lunatics with guns doing just that in El Paso and Dayton looms large in the public’s memory.

  DAVID EHRLICH: I appreciate why this situation put Universal in a bind, and I don’t envy the studio’s executives for the hard decision they had to make about this movie.

  Universal only made the decision to cancel “The Hunt” in order to seize control of the narrative and prevent theater chains from doing the inevitable.

  At a time when mass shooters are writing manifestos that are indistinguishable from the President’s rally speeches, Universal knew that Trump would have spent the next six weeks pouring gas on the fire.

  So it goes with “The Hunt”: Trump is basically hitting on a new tactic for blaming all the world’s problems on the movies.